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Can I commission Liz for a painting?

Yes! Minimum size dimensions are 11 x14 which start at $200. If you would like to learn more about commissioning new art, contact the studio Deposit of 50% required.

How does the refundable deposit for a commission painting work?

A 50% deposit is needed, however the full deposit is refundable at any time. The commission can be canceled prior to, during, or after the painting is finished either by Liz or the client. Art is very personal and subjective for both the client(s) and the artist, so in the event that a commissioned artwork is not claimed it will be released to the open market and/or the galleries. No harm done. This system has kept everybody happy, and mainly it allows Liz to always paint what she wants to paint without sacrificing the surprises inherent to the creative process. For a commission, typically clients will suggest a subject, and palette preferences. Liz does not accept all subjects or palettes but is happy to hear what you have in mind. For example, a client might say they want a 30in x 48in horizontal artwork depicting something reminiscent of their favorite from one of her previous paintings. Since the deposit is 100% refundable Liz has the freedom to run with the suggestion and make it her own. The final artwork is a surprise for both Liz and the client!